We offer a 6-month guarantee on all our semi-jewelry.
To activate the warranty, contact us via WhatsApp or email.

The following will not be covered by the warranty: broken, scratched, dented or orange or dark colored parts due to use in the pool, sea or bath.


  • Do not apply perfumes, sunscreen or other cosmetics to the pieces;
  • Remove them when taking a shower and before going to sleep;
  • Avoid using your pieces on the beach, pool and during physical activities.
  • Be careful with hair treatments. The chemicals used can stain the pieces, especially those that come into contact with the hair.
  • Avoid direct contact with cleaning products, such as kabikira
  • One tip is to place a piece of white school chalk inside the jewelry box, to avoid humidity in the area and preserve the pieces for longer.
  • People who have a high level of uric acid or who are taking medication that increases it (vitamin C; caffeine, diuretics, among others) can darken their parts.
  • After use, clean them with a flannel and store them in the packaging or in another closed place. We recommend periodic cleaning with a specific product for semi-jewelry.