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Couple Bracelet - ALWAYS WITH YOU

Couple Bracelet - ALWAYS WITH YOU

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Couple bracelet with writing

FEMALE: (WHEREEVER) 19cm + 3cm extender
MALE: (I WANT TO BE YOUR PAIR) 21CM + 3cm extender

material: semi-jewelry plated with 50 thousandths of 925 silver, double layer of varnish for better durability/shine, and developed with anti-allergic technology. (Nickel free)

main precautions:

- Do not apply perfumes, sunscreen or other cosmetics to the item.
- Avoid using it on the beach, swimming pool and during physical activities.
- Remove it when taking a shower and before going to sleep.

- Avoid direct contact with cleaning products and the like.
- Store it in a dry place, away from humidity and in its own packaging, avoiding friction with other parts.

warranty: We offer a 6-month warranty for silver-plated and 18k gold-plated pieces.
The warranty covers defects in the bath. The following will not be covered by the warranty: broken, scratched, dented or green colored parts due to use in the pool, sea or bath.

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