We accept payment via Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Paypay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Payments made via bank transfer and Card are confirmed within 1 business day.
Confirmations made before 12:00 we send the order on the same day, confirmations made after 12:00 we send the order the next day.
We value the satisfaction of our customers and try to send orders as quickly as possible. However, it is important to highlight that there may be delays in delivery that are beyond our responsibility, resulting from the carriers' operations.
Bijin Acessórios is not responsible for delivery errors caused by incorrectly filling out the form, when the address does not correspond to reality or is incomplete. The customer must wait for the package to be returned to our office and must pay the shipping again so that the order is resent. Therefore, we ask that you fill out the address very carefully and include as much information as possible.